Encouragement to Support Others


When I heard that Vickie Howell was creating a new knitting show I had to find out more. So I went to the kickstarter page and immediately gave some support. Vickie is an engaging and super creative knitter. And who doesn’t need a new knitting show! The gift for supporters in the  Rib Stitch level received a canvas bag with the show logo. Mine arrived just a few weeks ago.



My first project to keep in my new knitting bag is a dish cloth for my brother and sister-in-law. They live in Florida so I picked colors that reflect the houses in the area they live. My husband and I enjoyed a long weekend in their home and the new dish towel will look great in their kitchen.

One way to support and encourage others is through our own gifts. Vickie will share her gifts as a fantastic knitter through her show which will offer tons of support and encouragement for a large number of people.  On the other hand, my brother and sister-in-law offered their home and my husband and I enjoyed a long weekend away from reality. Yes, we left Minnesota to go to Florida in July, and it was fantastic.

Encouragement Principle #1 Encouragement is intrinsically good.

Both Vickie and my brother and sister-in-law are sharing their gifts to bring good. More knowledge of a fun hobby, and a place for relaxation.

Encouragement Principle #6 Words of encouragement are timeless.

My financial support encourages Vickie’s show to grow. Here is a link to The Knit Show website. Also, checkout some parody’s from Vickie on The Knit Show YouTube Channel.

Vickie’s show will encourage people for years to come. The videos are engaging and will be available for a long time. Who knows what creations will happen because of Vickie’s dynamic presentation of knitting ideas.

My husband and I will always have memories of quiet time by the ocean.

While walking along the shore in the evening we witnessed nature in action. Sea turtles were coming up onto the shore to dig a nest and lay eggs. It was amazing, standing in the dark watching the mama turtles slowly plodding out of the sea.

One confused mama  came out of the sea mid morning.

Neither Vickie or my brother and sister-in-law will ever realize the full impact of their encouragement to knit and relax.