Compelling Thoughts About Encouragement

So what got me started on the Encouragement Exploration was a tornado of questions that kept popping into my head. I was driving home from dropping kid #1 off at college and the radio in the rental car did not work. That gave me 8 hours with nothing but the sounds in my head. I was so overtaken with the depth yet to be explored about encouragement, that occasionally I had to pull over into a rest stop and jot down some notes.

Here is what was and is still swirling in my head.

Who do I encourage?

  • People working towards a goal.
  • People who need help.
  • People who are in my way.
    • think traffic not moving very quickly
  • People in situations similar to mine
  • People I have never met
    • cheering for people running a marathon
  • People I know and love
  • Inanimate objects
    • computer programs loading slowly

How do I encourage?

  • Responding when asked
  • Being a cheerleader
  • Writing a note
  • Prayer
  • Listening
  • Body language

What is the response to my encouragement?

  • Gratitude
  • Rejection
  • Belief
  • Hope

Why do I give encouragement?

  • I believe in you more than you do right now.
  • I want you to be liberated from your fears.
  • I see hope.
  • I care.

Why don’t I give more encouragement?

  • Do people really want to hear what I have to say?
  • What if I offer encouragement and they fail?
  • I don’t see the needs around me.
  • I get rejected.

The biggest question I have is why don’t we encourage more than we do? So much to be explored.

Exploring Encouragement

Exploring encouragement is a passion of mine. The past year has been an intense study of why, how, when, and what does encouragement really mean? All my life I have been giving it and receiving it. Most of us have. This year I took my exploring to a whole new level.

I have asked many questions about what is and what is not encouragement.

I have drawn ven diagrams and flow charts of true encouragement.

Mostly, I want to know why we don’t do it more often.

And now it is time to share.