Wisdom from Sheep

The book Sheep, By Valerie Hobbs jumped out at me as I browsed the Young Adult novels at the library last week. Sheep caught my eye because,




This all seems like a perfectly logical reason to check out Sheep.

The book is about Jack, a sheep herding dog, and his life of adventures. It was written in 1st person from the view of Jack.

When Jacks’s father finally acknowledged that he was big enough to join the working dogs, he wrote this:

“That was before I saw the sheep. Sheep everywhere! The truck stopped, and they closed in all around us like a big gray woolly blanket, bawling and baaing, stinking like, well, like sheep.”

How nice to be content in your own environment.

Encouragement inspires us to be more of who we are. I wrote about being more of who we are in this post. Jack made the same observation in the animal world of sheep and dog.

“When the sheep were right, you had that deep down good feeling that you were making a difference. You were doing what you were meant to do, what you believed in, what you were really good at.  I’ll tell you, nothing in the world is better than that.”

Another connection is that encouragement takes away fear.  Here is Jack’s version.

“Out was what I wanted. It was a stronger feeling than fear, that need to be free of the cage.”

Encouragement is everywhere!

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