A Day at The Mall of America, Not My Idea!


Today my two youngest children did not have school. Why? I can’t imagine. With only 4 weeks to go in the school year, I’m puzzled about the need for a teacher in service day.

But there we were, at 9:00 this morning wondering what to do with the day. Because of a previous promise/bribe I agreed to take them to the MOA (Mall of America) for the day. This doesn’t mean shopping. I really dislike shopping and leave that job to the aunties and friends. What it means to my kids is time at Nickelodeon Universe. Which means I take a book and some knitting and anything else I want to do while sitting under a fake palm tree, trying to block out all the screaming, and wait it out.

The girls are old enough to let them go for an hour or two and then meet up at a specified location. So, we set the location, set our watches and we were all off to our predetermined activities.

I left my spot to find a Caribou to order a green ice tea, and there before me was Lego Land. They have a wall of Legos, little containers of every color and shape (not really) before you. The cool thing is that you can get a little bucket and fill it with whatever shapes and colors you wish. I felt like a kid in a candy shop. I picked up a bucket and started loading it up.


I was feeling very pink today. Also, I was feeling like 6 was a good number for building. So I put 6 of each Lego into my bucket.


Here is what I was able to fit into my bucket. Notice there are multiples of 6 in everything except the flat green Lego’s. Somehow, I only got 5. And I intentionally bought one windshield.

As I was loading up my bucket I was very aware of trying to get as many Legos as possible into it. I was thinking about a presentation I saw by Steven Covey that talked about making room for what is important in your life. I applied this theory half way into my Lego gathering.

Steven talks about putting the big rocks, important things, into your bucket first. Then adding smaller rocks, then sand, then water. If you put the items in your bucket in this order they will all fit. If you put the water, then sand, then smaller rocks you will not be able to fit the big rocks. The most important ones.

For me, my new Legos were all important. But, the thrifty part of me wondered if I had loaded my bucket with the biggest Lego’s first and then add the smaller ones, could I fit more in my bucket?

Since I still had 45 minutes before our meeting time I decided to see if there would be more room between biggest to smallest, or smallest to biggest. First I loaded my bucket biggest first…


and then loaded my bucket smallest first…


I’m not sure there was much of a difference. Perhaps a bit more can fit when following the biggest first option. But because the smaller Legos are not as fluid as water and sand, they were not able to take up the air space between the big Legos.

The lesson is just not as dramatic when using Legos.

However, the fun of Legos is to create, so here is what I created while waiting for the girls.


My son thought it was a bus. I was going for more of a speedboat image. It is amazing to me how we think so differently sometimes.

The checkout guy at Lego Land thought I was buying the white scalloped pieces to use for fangs. He really has never met me. I can’t think of any time where I have wanted to create something with fangs. My other option for the white scallops was to turn them upside down and use them as a border at the top of a castle turret.

So, for a day at the MOA that I would never have planned for myself, I am pretty excited about my new toy.

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