Combining a hobby with giving

As I have mentioned in a previous post, I love to knit. Another thing I love to do is encourage others, thus the blog, and my never ending fascination with ways encouragement is effective and ways it is not.

One way of encouraging others is letting them know that you care. Sometimes knowing that someone is thinking of you helps to lift your spirits. In that vein I would like to highlight several knitting sites that encourage a donation of knitted items for people or animals in need.

For Animals

For Chickens A story about retirees knitting sweaters for chickens.Sweaters for Chickens

For Elephants A story about a very cold winter in India and the villagers who knit to take care of the local elephants.


For People

Hats for the Homeless In 2009 they provided 50 knitted hats to a local homeless shelter. The next year they gave over 900!  In 2016 they gave away 2,200.  The website provides patterns and drop off locations.

Knots of Love is covering heads of people going through chemo. They offer a huge array of knitted and crocheted patterns and also a few guidelines.

So if you are ready to reach beyond yourself to give the gift of warmth and love,  pick your pattern. Be sure to consider what causes are important to you, and also how much yarn and time you have. The elephant project looks a bit overwhelming to me!  That elephant must be very special to the people of the village!

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