Vacationing in the Off Season

Devils TowerLast weekend 2 of my daughters and I took a quick trip to the Black Hills of South Dakota with a side trip into Wyoming to see Devil’s Tower.

There were some awesome benefits to traveling to a touristy place in the off season.

  1. Little to virtually NO traffic. This is nice because the landscape is unfamiliar and it takes some time to get bearings in a new place. We frequently made fast stops to see a buffalo, mountain goats, or far off views of Mount Rushmore, and never caused a backup. During the busy season the tolerance level for bad driving habits isn’t very high.
  2. Cheaper hotel rooms. Off season rates are often much lower than peak season rates.
  3. Less people=no wait times or obstructed views. Note the path at Devil’s Tower, just us. Note the view of Mt. Rushmore from inside the cafeteria. Just one couple out on the deck.

Mount Rushmore

There were only a few drawbacks.

  1. Daylight is not as plentiful in late October as it is in June.
  2. Many ice cream shops were closed for the season.



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