Encouragement to be YOU

Necklace And Other Jewelry, Ca. 1909.

One of the most privileged events in our life is being present when someone is “in their element”. People get chills at an Andrea Boccellli concert when he begins to sing “Time to Say Good-bye”, at least I do. We can see that every ounce of his being is focused on the performance, and no one can do it better. This is true for sporting events as well. We jump out of our seats when an amazing catch is made in the outfield or end zone. Some people enjoy replaying the event over and over and over. We may pause in awe when looking at a painting or when listening to a poem.

We do this because amazing performances inspire us to be more of who we are. It was special because that person performed in a way that was superior to many. People pay a lot of money for the privilege of being present for spectacular performances. But this is also true within our work places and families.

While my husband and I were in Pennsylvania last week for my mother-in-law’s funeral my sister-in-law Judy really shined. I knew she had worked at the jewelry counter for many years at a local store. And I knew that she had won awards for her fabulous customer service. So, when I realized I forgot to pack a necklace to wear with my v neck dress (yes, this situation needed a necklace) I went straight to Judy’s house and knocked on the door. If you passed Judy on the street, she would be an average woman walking along, like most of us. I asked her to help me with my bare neck her face lit up and she sprung into action. She took me upstairs and sat me down. She  selected a few pieces from her carefully stored treasures. It did not take long to find the perfect necklace. She knew exactly what piece would go with the dress, and my personality. I can see why her customers love her and keep coming back. Her joy in making others look beautiful is special.

I was sincerely grateful, and she was glad to help.

When we encounter people who are “at the top of their game” we may wish we were like them. We may  learn everything we can about them. Sometimes we even want to be them.

What we really want is to be our self as well as our idol is their self.

The problem is that when we try to be someone else it usually doesn’t go well. We can wear a jersey, ask for and try a recipe, start painting, or imitate them in many different ways. It may be fun at first, maybe forever. However, trying to be someone else will never be as satisfying as becoming YOU.

The truth is only YOU are good enough to be you. And you ARE good enough to be you.

Whether you are encouraging yourself or someone else remember to be aware. See all 6 Principles of Encouragement here.

Principle #2 Be aware. Be aware of your own gifts and talents and of those you are encouraging. It is much easier to get better at a talent you already have, than to try to improve on your weaknesses.

Also, be grateful. To be served by or to observe someone at the top of their game is a privilege.

Thank you Judy! You made me feel pretty on a sad day.

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